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Průzkumy a monitoring

Provádíme terénní biologické průzkumy, mapování a monitoring. Posuzujeme efektivitu zásahů v krajině. Podílíme se na aplikovaném výzkumu.

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Studie a hodnocení

Zpracováváme environmentální studie zaměřené na ochranu biodiverzity v České republice i zahraničí.

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Dotační poradenství

Poskytujeme dotační poradenství v oboru ochrany přírody od přípravy žádostí až po následný autorský dozor.

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Ochranářský management

Zajišťujeme návrhy a provádění vhodného ochranářského managementu v biologicky cenných lokalitách.

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Odborná veřejnost

Sdílíme odborné poznatky v ochraně přírody napříč odbornou veřejností, prezentujeme příklady dobré i špatné praxe.

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Široká veřejnost

Populárně naučnou formou představujeme veřejnosti aktuální poznatky z ochrany české přírody.

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Ochrana perlorodky říční

Dlouhodobě se věnujeme programům pro perlorodku říční. Realizujeme odborná opatření, výzkum i popularizační aktivity.

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Odpovědné firmy

Navrhujeme a realizujeme optimálních environmentální řešení pro firmy, které jsou odpovědné vůči životnímu prostředí.

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Feasibility study of restoration of streams important for the Freshwater Pearlmussel

Freshwater Pearlmussel Action Plan

The Freshwater Pearlmussel Action Plan is one of the species action plans approved by the Ministry of Environment and coordinated by the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. The Freshwater Pearlmussel is restricted to natural parts of streams with clean and cold water. It is very sensitive to water pollution, overgrowing of stream surroundings by self-seeded woody plants, and the level of erosion occurring in the catchment area.

About the project

The aim of the Feasibility study of restoration of streams important for the Freshwater Pearlmussel project is to improve habitat conditions in two catchment areas in the Czech Republic still inhabited by the Freshwater Pearlmussel (Margaritifera margaritifera), one of the most threatened European animal species. Within the project, key parts of the Freshwater Pearlmussel Action Plan (AOPK ČR, 2013) will be implemented and developed. The catchment areas of Zlatý potok in southern Bohemia and Rokytnice in the Aš region, the westernmost corner of the country, have been selected as focus sites. In cooperation with the Nature Conservation Agency and authors of the action plan, these sites were identified as examples of areas with acute but solvable problems. Concerning the small Czech populations of the Freshwater Pearlmussel, the Rokytnice and Zlatý potok streams are critical sites where the species occurs but its further existence is significantly threatened due to poor conditions of the catchment area. The project should result in a meaningful proposal of conservation measures, agreed by relevant stakeholders, which will lead to mitigation of negative impacts affecting the Freshwater Pearlmussel in both areas.


Implementation areas: South-Bohemian region, Karlovy Vary region, Prague

Project activities

In the Zlatý potok catchment area, one of the biggest problem is erosion, caused by unsuitable alteration of its tributaries in both woodland and farmland in the past. This results in deposits covering places of Freshwater Pearlmussel occurrence and disrupting the stream bed. The measures proposed to be implemented in one of the tributaries - Luční potok - should lead to restoration of the stream bed and its overall stabilisation. The Rokytnice stream was channelized in the past, its bed was straightened and the banks were reinforced. However, several streams in this catchment area are of international importance due to the Freshwater Pearlmussel occurrence. In the past, Rokytnice itself had been inhabited by a relatively numerous population of the species. At present, these endangered water molluscs occur in the Bavarian part of the stream. Feasibility study proposed measures both for restoration of some parts of the Rokytnice stream and its tributaries  and a removal of  the barriers preventing fish host migration will be removed. The restoration should help to improve physical and chemical quality of water and increase food availability for the Freshwater Pearlmussel. Migration of fish is essential for spreading of the Freshwater Pearlmussel upstream and for repeated populating of the stream.


The project also includes detailed surveys which will help to optimise the proposals of conservation measures. Hydrological characteristics of the streams, composition of soil in their surroundings, occurrence of water invertebrates as well as abundance of Freshwater Pearlmussel food are studied. The ownership analysis will identify the main land owners in the catchment area and their potential economic interests. Proposals of conservation measures will be prepared based on the knowledge of ecological requirements of the Freshwater Pearlmussel and the main threats affecting the species in the focus areas. Negotiations with key owners will be held so that an acceptable compromise between their needs and the Freshwater Pearlmussel conservation could be reached.

Project results

• Proposal of measures to mitigate negative factors affecting the Freshwater Pearlmussel

• Restoration of parts of the Rokytnice stream and its tributaries



The project helped identify priorities for active protection of the habitat of freshwater pearl mussels at two major locations of the Action plan for freshwater pearl mussel  in the Czech Republic - Rokytnici (Ašsko region) and Luční potok (Prachatice region). There will propose measures for both area of ​​interest. The studies were discussed with key partners (owners, institutions, farmers and experts)


The study was received positively at all levels relations for the site Luční potok, but in Rokytnice basin was rejected by the key owner. We propose partial implementation and to communicate with the owner about possible deal. The study was submitted to the Ministry of the Environment in June 2016.




Project was supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway  Grants 2009-2014 and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. Responsibility for its contents fully lies with the Beleco, z.s. and the website may in no circumstances be considered to be the opinion of the donor or of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

The project was completed 30. 04. 2016.